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James D. Flood at consoleThe Organ at First Baptist Church was originally designed by Stanley Saxton, professor of Organ at Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, New York, and built and installed in 1939 by the Hall Organ Company of West Haven, Connecticut, as their Opus 682. From the late 1980's to the mid 1990's, James D. Flood, the Director of Music, redesigned and rebuilt the instrument which had suffered from age and water damage. With the help of generous support from the congregation, funds were raised to update, enlarge and improve the fine organ.  A state-of-the-art multi-level computerized combination action was installed, and various components were completely rebuilt. Additional stops, originally intended for the organ but omitted in the original installation, were installed.  Basically the instrument follows the precepts of Ernest M. Skinner in scaling, while adding such ranks as necessary for his later ideas, as well as those of Stanley Saxton and James Flood. Restorative revoicing and tonal adjustments were carefully carried out, paying special attention to the scaling of the original overall concepts and carefully fitting in the additional ranks.

James D. Flood recording his compact disc The American Impressionist Organ at First Baptist.
Contact the office at First Baptist if you would like to purchase a copy of Mr. Flood's compact disk.



First Baptist Church

"What Used to Be Played"

was recorded by James D. Flood on our organ on November 14, 2008, using the latest digital technology and superior microphones. The CD was released December 5, 2008.

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The Story of the Organ at First Baptist

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